AAP Conference Program 2017


August 2-3, 2017
Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV


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Wednesday August 2, 2017

8am                 Registration and Coffee

8:15am            Welcome, Emily Wilcox, AAP President

8:30-9:45am   Concurrent Session #1

1A. Intercultural Adaptation
Chair: Margaret Coldiron, Deputy Head of BA World Performance, E15 Acting School/University of Essex

“The Bridge from Bombay to Broadway: merging musical forms in Monsoon Wedding
Amanda Culp, PhD candidate, Columbia University

“Cultural Transfer between London and Takarazuka: the Imitation and Adaptation of Musical revue in 1920s Japan”
Tomoko Akai, Associate Professor, Kobe Yakka University

“When Cultures Collide on the Jingju Stage: An Analysis of Fushide (Faust) and Woyicaike (Woyzeck)
Yining Lin, PhD candidate, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

“Modernity, Chinese Culture and Dialectics: Bertolt Brecht’s Turandot and Wei Minglun’s Chuanju Play Chinese Princess Turandot
Wei Zhang, PhD candidate, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

1B. Non-Professional Artists and Sites of Professional Collaboration in East Asia’s Traditional Performing Arts
Organizer and Chair: Alex Rogals, PhD Candidate, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

“Yeyu, Minjian, Zhuanye (Amateur, Folk, Professional): Theorizing the Changing Status of Musicians in the PRC”
Charlotte D’Evelyn, Professor, Loyola Marymount University

“Rural Performance in the Urban Imaginary: Early 19th-century Depictions of Jishibai”
Melissa Van Wyk, PhD student, University of Michigan

“Voices Inscribed by Land: P’ansori Pilgrimages and the Acculturation of Sori”
Ivanna Yi, PhD candidate, Harvard University

10-11:15am    Concurrent Session #2

2A. Agency, Identity, and Survival: Performance Case Studies from India, Burma, Hong Kong, and Taiwan
Chair: Kathy Foley, Professor, University of California-Santa Cruz

“Act for your life: Widows in Vrindavan”
Radhica Ganapathy, Assistant Professor, West Virginia University

“Burmese Marionettes and the Tourist Experience: Exploring the future of traditional puppetry in Myanmar”
Kristina Tannenbaum, PhD candidate, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

“Zuni Icosahedron and the Politics of Performance in Hong Kong”
Whit Emerson, PhD Candidate, Indiana University

“Seeing Silent Screams:
Legacy (1978) and the Sense of Becoming a Community”
Jasmine Yu-Hsing Chen, PhD student, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2B. Cross-Currents: Major and Minor Asian Translationalisms

“Fleshing out the Techniques (shu): Cosmopolitan Men of Theatre in Shanghai and New York, 1910s-1920s”
Man He, Assistant Professor, Williams College

“Aladdin in China: A Case Study of British Amateur Theatricals in Colonial-Modern China”
Yizhou Huang, PhD candidate, Tufts University

“Tamil Dance Championships Vs. Battle of Bollywood”
Kristen Rudisill, Associate Professor, Bowling Green State University

“Crossing Over: Choi Seunghee’s Pan-Asianism in Revolutionary Time”
Emily Wilcox, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

11:30am-12:45pm      Concurrent Session #3

3A. Translation/Localization/Adaptation: Working Across Cultures
Organizer: Cobina Gillitt, Assistant Professor, SUNY Purchase
Chair: Siyuan Liu, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia

“Cultural Traps and Mishaps: Translating Local Cultures on Stage”
Cobina Gillitt, Assistant Professor, SUNY Purchase

“Song On The Sands Of Singapore: The Localization Of La Cage Aux Folles”
Caleb Goh, Lecturer, Lasalle College of the Arts

“Layers of Translation in Kayoi Komachi: a noh chamber opera”
Colleen Lanki, Artistic Director, TomoeArts; PhD student, University of British Columbia

Discussant: Claire Conceison, Professor, MIT

3B. Collage Panel
Chair: Kevin Wetmore, Professor, Loyola Marymount University

“Bannermen’s Plays: Ideology, Technology, and Ethnic Identity”
Kaijun Chen, Assistant Professor, Brown University

“A Variation on ‘People’s Theatre’: Mixed Concepts of National/Popular Theatre in the Context of Urban Modernity”
Ayumi Fujioka, Associate Professor, Sugiyama University

Honji Suijaku in the Noh play ‘Makiginu’”
Sara Newsome, PhD student, UC Irvine

“Tragedy of Destiny: A reinterpretation of the theme of the modern Chinese drama Thunderstorm
Aijun Wang, Associate Professor, Huaiyin Normal University

1-2:30pm        LUNCH BREAK // Graduate Student Lunch Discussion (Yolo’s Mexican Grill [conference hotel])

2:30-3:45pm   Concurrent Session #4

4A. Emerging Scholars Adjudicated Panel
We are pleased to welcome these emerging scholars to AAP!
: Man He, Assistant Professor, Williams College

Uncle Tom’s Cabin in China: Ouyang Yuqian’s Regret of a Black Slave and the Politics of Appropriation and Impersonation”
Megan Ammirati, PhD candidate, UC Davis

“Trapping the Heron: The Curious Case of Sagi School kyogen”
Alex Rogals, PhD candidate, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

“The Disappearing Wildness: Connecting Spoken Drama Experiments of the 1930s and 1980s”
Annelise Finegan Wasmoen, PhD candidate, Washington University in St. Louis

4B. Critical Practices & Pedagogies
Chair: Kevin Wetmore, Professor, Loyola Marymount University

“Culture out of Context: Teaching Japanese Traditional Performing Arts in U.S. Universities”
Sarah Johnson, PhD candidate, University of Colorado Boulder

“ ‘Love in Contention’: An Exploration of 3:10 to Yuma, a Cowboy Western Performed in Kabuki Style”
Tyler Nichols, MFA, University of Hawai’i, and LA Jacobs, PhD student, University of Michigan

“The Making of Teesri Dhun (The Third Tune)- Transgendering Performance in Pakistan”
Claire Pamment, Assistant Professor, College of William and Mary

“Rehearsing Institutional Conflicts in Post-Umbrella Movement Hong Kong: Community-engaged Theatre Workshopping for Critical Pedagogy in Higher Education”
Yu Hsiao Min, The Community College at Lingnan University (Hong Kong)

4-6pm. WORKSHOP: A Reading and Discussion of GHOST LIGHT: THE HAUNTING

Playwright: Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei, Professor Emerita, UCLA
Director: Penny Bergman
Discussion Moderator: Cobina Gillitt, Assistant Professor, SUNY Purchase

Keiko Tamiya/Jonathan Hecht – Michi Barall
Bryan Eamon Quinn – John Weinstein
Lynn Berry – Colleen Lanki
Hellen Gates Porter – Kathy Foley
Entertainment Guru – Wendy Dang
Detective – Kevin Wetmore
Witches, Actors in Macbeth, Taxi Drivers, Others – Members of the Company
Stage Directions – Read by Margaret (Jiggs) Coldiron

7pm. Schmoozefest! + A Celebration of Kathy Foley’s Editorial Service to Asian Theatre Journal
Location: Delhi Indian Cuisine Las Vegas

Please plan to join us for a yummy dinner and scintillating conversation!

9pm. Grad Student Nightcap (right after Schmoozefest)
Location: Chandelier Bar (in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)


Thursday August 3, 2017

8:30-9:45am   Concurrent Session #5

5A. Gender, Sexuality, and the Body in Performance
Chair: Fan-Ting Cheng, Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University

“Towards A Xiqu Queer: The Theatrical Tactics of Skin Touching”
Fan-Ting Cheng, Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University

“Body and Violence: Cultural Expression in The White-Haired Girl
Huihui Huang, PhD student, Indiana University

“Traveling Home and Forgotten Women in Two Sinset’aryŏng: Dialogues Between Shinya Eiko’s Sinset’aryŏng and Ri Kaisei’s The Woman Who Fulled Clothes”
Eun Young Seong, PhD candidate, UC Irvine


10-11:15am    Concurrent Session #6

6A. Affective Engagement with the Everyday: a Political, Social, and Global Survey
Organizer: Arnab Banerji, Assistant Professor, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

“The Politics of Affect in Praatohkrityo (Morning Ablutions)”
Frances Lieder, PhD candidate, University of Wisconsin Madison

“The Resistant Body: Female Performer as the Site of Political Activism”
Mayurakshi Sen, PhD student, City University of New York

“Diaspora performance: affective engagement towards equal citizenship”
Arnab Banerji, Assistant Professor, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

Discussant: David Mason, Associate Professor, Rhodes College

6B. Shōwa Performance Working Group (Part 1)
Organizers: Jyana Browne and David Jortner


Jyana Browne, Lecturer, University of Washington
Yoshiko Fukushima, Associate Professor, University of Hawai’i Hilo
Kei Hibino, Professor, Seikei University
David Jortner, Associate Professor, Baylor University
Kirk Ken Kanesaka, PhD candidate, UCLA
Siyuan Liu, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia
Aragorn Quinn, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Cody Poulton, Professor, University of Victoria
Guohe Zheng, Professor, Ball State University

Respondent: Thomas Rimer, Professor emeritus, University of Pittsburgh

11:30am-12:30 pm     Concurrent Session #7

7A. On New Orientialisms: Disney, Chimer(ic)a, and Exot(ice)ism
Organizers: Claire Conceison, Professor, MIT; Michi Barall, PhD candidate, Columbia University; and John B. Weinstein, Dean of the Early Colleges, Bard College

“Chimer(ic)a: Staging China in Chinese American Plays”
Claire Conceison, Professor, MIT

“A Whole New Orientalist World: Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway”
Michi Barall, PhD candidate, Columbia University.

“The Orient on Ice: Cultural Portrayals by Chinese and Chinese-American Figure Skaters”
John B. Weinstein, Dean of the Early Colleges, Bard College

Chair: Zhang Fang, University of Toronto

7B. Shōwa Performance Working Group (Part 2)
Organizers: Jyana Browne and David Jortner

12:30-1:30pm LUNCH BREAK

1:30-3pm        ATJ Lecture

“Theatre Redux: Reducing, Reusing, Recycling Cultural Legacy to Address New Environmental Issues”
Catherine Diamond, Professor, Soochow University

3:15-4:45pm   AAP Membership Meeting