Special Issue of Asiatic

Asian Theatre and Drama

Editors: Susan Philip and M.A. Quayum

Asiatic invites submissions for a special issue dealing with Asian theatre and drama in December 2017.

It is a good time to reassess the value and relevance of theatre – a shared, communal experience – in the digital era. Technology is able to bring people together despite vast geographical distances separating them. Is it still necessary or useful to create dramatic experiences which work based on proximity to performance venues? Increasingly, popular theatrical events are broadcast live at selected cinemas, thus approximating the theatre experience, without that sense of contact with the actors. Is the experience fundamentally different for the audiences in the two different venues? Might this kind of de-centralising actually diminish the need for traditional theatrical performance? Might it democratize theatre by making it more accessible? Where do traditional cultural performances (dance, music, theatre) fit in, in this context of digitalisation? Can we see theatre performances as a way of rooting people within specific cultures, in the face of increasing globalisation? The position of scripted drama also bears thinking about. How does it fit in with performance art, devised plays, interactive plays, etc. How does language choice factor into written drama as well as into performance?

Asiatic invites papers dealing with these and related issues, in the context of Asian theatre and drama. Among the threads which contributors can pick up are:

  • Traditional theatres and/or performance modes
  • Modern theatres and/or performance modes
  • Folk theatres and/or performance modes
  • Asian adaptations of Western plays or theatrical traditions
  • Western adaptations of Asian plays or theatrical traditions
  • Theatre and the digital era
  • Theatre and performance as a force for socio-political change
  • History of Asian Theatre/Drama
  • Lyrical/ Poetic Drama
  • Drama/Theatre and Morality
  • Drama/Theatre and Language

For further inquiries, please contact Susan Philip at marys@um.edu.my or M.A. Quayum at mquayum@gmail.com.

Abstracts of articles in no more than 250 words, with six keywords and author’s bio note in 85 words should be submitted to the editors on or before 15 October 2016. For accepted contributors, the deadline for the full article (5000-7000 words) is 30 April 2017.

All submissions must be in English, in British spelling and formatted according to the MLA style. For further details on style visit the journal’s webpage at http://journals.iium.edu.my/asiatic.