ICBO: Year of the Monkey Tour


International Center for Beijing Opera under the direction of Ghaffar Pourazar, intends to repeat its 2004 Monkey King Tour in the United States.

The 2016 tour will visit universities, schools, and performing arts centers between September and December, 2016.  This tour will consist of 25 young Beijing Opera stars and musicians  from Beijing. This tour will offer a Beijing Opera Monkey King production, in addition to shorter excerpts from the most iconic Beijing Opera plays, achievable for smaller venues, plus lectures, demonstrations, and workshops.

The Center specializes in Authentic Beijing Opera education and performance. In addition, their cross- cultural productions, such as Monkey King in English and the Beijing Opera version of William Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream” have attracted international acclaim.

Pourazar is the only Western member of the Beijing Opera graduating from the ruthlessly disciplined Beijing Opera School and the National Academy as a warrior and Monkey King. He is the Co-founder of PLAYBOX (Chinese language Through Opera) and co-developer of the Startalk Chinese language program at the University of Oklahoma. In recognition of Mr. Pourazar’s endeavors, he received the Chinese Government “Outstanding Contributions” award and the 2014 Friendship Award from the Beijing Mayor.

For 2015/2016 season, Pourazar is offering his one man “Beijing Opera Demystified” and a two person demonstration to schools and universities, before the Monkey Year tour of 2016.

Contact Info:

Ghaffar Pourazar
Director: International Center for Beijing Opera
International Curator: Beijing Opera Museum
Previous Affiliations: British Council, UNICEF, Jane Goodall Institute
USA phone: 949 342 0961