Wayang Revolusi Exhibit

“Art in the Service of Freedom”

A special educational exhibition about the ‘wayang revolusi’, a political adaptation of traditional Indonesian wayang kulit puppet theatre. This exhibition will be on display at the Dutch Puppetry Museum in Vorchten until the end of 2015.

On 27 December 1949 Indonesia obtained sovereign power. The exhibition presents how the Indonesian nationalists used this traditional wayang art form as a means of propaganda in their fight against the Netherlands. In 1947, Wayang Revolusi originated as a special variant on wayang theatre. In an era that media such as radio and television were not very common, the popular wayang play was the ultimate means for addressing large groups with the message of the revolution. The spectators could easily identify with the recognisable, standard and less standard characters of noble heroes and their evil opponents. Wayang Revolusi’s main characters are politicians and servicemen of both parties that were engaged in combat with each other during the fight for independence. Well known characters include Dutch generals Spoor and Van Mook, the Indonesian President Sukarno and Vice President Mohammed Hatta.

Bring a print-out of this announcement when you visit the ‘wayang revolusi’ exhibition and receive a little keepsake.

See:  http://www.poppenspelmuseumbibliotheek.nl/pdf/wayangexhibitionPOPMUS.pdf

http://www.poppenspelmuseumbibliotheek.nl/pdf/PressreleaseWayangRevolusi.pdf and