Globalization, Nationalism and the Text of ‘Kichaka-Vadha’

Globalization and ‘Kichaka-Vadha’

Rakesh H. Solomon

Anthem Press, 2014

The first English translation of ‘Kichaka-Vadha’ is presented alongside the most detailed scholarly analysis based on a comprehensive range of archival documents about this anticolonial Marathi classic to date.

In addition to providing the first English translation of the play, this volume is the only edition of the play, in any language, to provide an extensive historical-critical analysis which draws on a comprehensive range of archival documents.  It is also the first study to locate this landmark text within such an expansive theatre-historical and political landscape.  ‘Globalization, Nationalism and the Text of ‘Kichaka-Vadha'” illuminates the complex policies and mechanisms of theatrical censorship in the British Raj, and offers many rare production photographs.

About the Author

Rakesh H. Solomon (Indiana University-Bloomington) has published widely on both American Theatre and South Asian theatre.