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2015 Koshi Workshop

AAP 2015 Program

Association for Asian Performance 15th Annual Conference Montréal, Québec, Canada July 29-30, 2015 Bienvenus au Canada ! The Association for Asian Performance pre-conference takes place immediately prior to the ATHE conference, at the same venue and includes our annual Schmooze-fest! Come join us for a great time in French Canada! Download […]


CFP: IFTR Special Panel

IFTR 2016, Stockholm 13-17 June Indian Theatre Special Panel on Taste An Indian Theatre Special Panel is taking place at the IFTR 2016 in Stockholm as part of the Performance and Consciousness working Group activity. Critical reflections, theoretical speculations, scholarly demonstrations and practical workshops are invited on this topic. The […]

AAP Conferences

AAP 2016

The 2016 Association for Asian Performance Conference August 10 Palmer House Hilton Hotel, Chicago 2016’s AAP Conference will offer selective and adjudicated panels of papers, showcasing research on theatrical performance in, about, and relevant to Asia.  The conference will also feature performance and training workshops, professional interest meetings, and discussions […]

AAP Newsletter

Fall 2015 Newsletter

AAP Newsletter Editor Carol Fischer Sorgenfrei has made available the Fall, 2015, newsletter.  Download a PDF copy. Past AAP newsletters are available online here.


ICBO: Year of the Monkey Tour

International Center for Beijing Opera under the direction of Ghaffar Pourazar, intends to repeat its 2004 Monkey King Tour in the United States. The 2016 tour will visit universities, schools, and performing arts centers between September and December, 2016.  This tour will consist of 25 young Beijing Opera stars and […]

AAP 2015, Montreal

CFP: Emerging Scholars, AAP 2016

22nd AAP Adjudicated Emerging Scholars Panel The Association for Asian Performance (AAP) invites submissions for its 22nd Annual Adjudicated Panel to be held during the Association for Asian Performance annual conference in Chicago, August 10, 2016, which precedes the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) conference. Selected papers will […]