October 9, 2014
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AAP Emerging Scholars CFP

The Association for Asian Performance (AAP) invites submissions for its

21st Annual Adjudicated Panel to be held during the Association for Asian

Performance annual conference in Montréal, Québec, Canada, July 29, 2015, which precedes the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) conference. Selected papers will be strongly considered for publication in Asian Theatre Journal – an official publication of AAP.

Eligibility is open to all (current and recent graduate students, scholars, teachers, artists) provided they are: 1) early in their scholarly career OR new to the study of Asian performance; 2) have not published in Asian Theatre Journal; and 3) have not previously received an AAP Emerging Scholars Award. We welcome submissions from past applicants. Papers (8-10 double-spaced pages) may deal with any aspect of Asian performance or drama. Preparation of the manuscript in Asian Theatre Journal style, which can be gleaned from a recent issue, is desirable. Up to three winning authors will be selected and invited to present their papers at the upcoming AAP conference. Paper presentations should be no longer than twenty minutes. A $100 cash prize will be awarded for each paper selected, to help offset conference fees. AAP Conference registration fees are waived for the winners, who also receive one-year free membership to AAP. Beginning this year, receipt of award is contingent upon attendance at the AAP conference. All paper submissions will receive written feedback from the selection committee.

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Papers should be accompanied by a separate cover sheet detailing the author’s contact information: institutional affiliation and current title (if relevant), address, phone number, and email address (for both academic year and summer holiday). The author’s name should not appear in the paper. Please send submissions electronically to

Dr. Emily Wilcox, Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies, University of Michigan (eewilcox@umich.edu).

Deadline for Submissions: January 15, 2015

Winners will be notified by April 15, 2015

AAP is proud to sponsor this adjudicated panel. Not only is it a chance for students and emerging scholars to get exposure and recognition for their work, it also provides an opportunity to meet and make contacts with others who are interested in similar fields of research.

Please direct any inquiries regarding the Emerging Scholars Award panel to Emily Wilcox at (eewilcox@umich.edu).

To find out about the benefits of becoming an AAP member, please check out our website at http://www.yavanika.org/aaponline and consider joining us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/aaponline/.

October 8, 2014
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Assistant Professor of Performance

[Posted by IFTR]

Cornell University’s Department of Performing and Media Arts seeks an assistant professor of performance, with expertise specifically in the areas of acting/directing and/or in dance, for a tenure-track position beginning July 1, 2015.  We are particularly interested in candidates with expertise in global performance traditions. Please note that the candidate must have either an MFA or Ph.D. officially awarded no later than July 1, 2015.

September 22, 2014
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AAP at ATHE ’15: CFP

The Association for Asian Performance invites panel proposals and/or individual paper proposals for the Association of Theatre in Higher Education 2015 conference

Conference Dates and Location

July 30—August 2, 2015
Montréal, Québec, Canada
Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel

Conference Theme

Information from ATHE

Je me souviens [I Remember]: We invite you to continue to dream as we look towards our 2015 Conference in Montréal.  Quebec’s simple but provocative motto, which is not without controversy over interpretation, caught the imaginations of the members of your 2015 Conference Committee—both metaphorically and geographically.  For ATHE’s members, in the broadest sense, it invokes thoughts of remembering—remembering theatre at its best, when its immediacy and humanness is embraced, remembering our past and how it points to the future, and remembering our power to instigate change.

As most ATHE members will cross the national border of Canada and the provincial border of Quebec—which is recognized as a nation within Canada, and onto territory claimed by the First Nations Iroquois people, “Je me souviens” [I remember] can be defined by considerations of place as well. Issues of country/isolation/assimilation that began in Phoenix, as well as acts of revolt/revolution, quiet and otherwise, give rise to consideration of the silences, the unsaid, the gestures, the sub-text, the dangers, the misunderstandings, the non-discursive in the “in-between” terrain between cultures, countries, and constituencies in Canada and beyond.  Building on this, we can also embrace inter/trans-national and inter/trans-cultural exchanges in performance texts, process, or production. 

Submitting Session Proposals

Session proposals should be submitted online using the forms posted on the ATHE website.

  • Online session proposals must be completed by November 1, 2014.  Only complete proposals will be considered by ATHE.
  • All technology requests must be included in your completed online proposal.
  • Payment is not due Nov. 1.  Grant funding should cover costs, but you must apply by Nov. 1.

It is important to forward a copy of your completed proposal to Xing Fan (stars.fan@utoronto.ca) for planning purposes, especially for AV requests.  There is no guarantee that AAP can provide funding for AV requests.  The AAP must know of all AV requests in order to help you secure funding.  (See below).

Submitting Individual Papers

For individual papers, please e-mail ideas you have to Xing Fan (stars.fan@utoronto.ca), by Oct. 18, 2014 so that she can attempt to match you with other interested parties to form panels.  

Multi-disciplinary panels are encouraged.  The 2015 Conference Committee has changed the number of required sponsors for a multidisciplinary proposal to two Focus Groups or two Committees or a combination of both.  You may propose more than two sponsors, but it is not required.  As always, each group must be contacted and approve the submission with their names attached.

General questions can also be addressed to Siyuan (Steven) Liu (siyuan.liu@ubc.ca), Association for Asian Performance Focus Group Representative.

Conference Grant and Audiovisual Information

Requests must be submitted online by November 1, in order to be considered.

ATHE members proposing 2015 conference sessions can take advantage of the following:

One free piece of AV equipment from the following list:

  • LCD Package (LCD projector and Screen)
  • Audio for Laptop
  • CD Player and speakers
  • Flip Chart

If Session Coordinators want to select Internet and additional AV, the following costs will apply to each piece:

  • Internet ($300)
  • LCD Package (LCD projector and Screen) ($300)
  • CD Player ($100)
  • Flip Chart ($50) 
  • Audio for Laptop ($100)

You MUST select audiovisual needs for your session while proposing it (*proposals due November 1).  No additional AV may be ordered after this date.

What does this mean to the Session Coordinator, the person proposing a session?  It means that you can select an LCD package and NOT apply for a grant to pay for it.  If you select an additional piece of AV equipment, you can apply for a grant or send payment to the ATHE office by May 1.  As an example, if the Session Coordinator selects a complimentary LCD package and a second selection of audio for a laptop, then s/he can apply for a $100 grant for the audio.

The total amount of grant money available for each session is still $500.  This includes additional AV, travel or hotel costs for non-university guest presenters, other requests (piano, copying materials, etc.)  and guest passes.

Review of Deadlines

Individual Papers Deadline: October 18, 2014; submit directly to Xing Fan (stars.fan@utoronto.ca).

Session Proposal Deadline: November 1, 2014; online

Grant Request Deadline: November 1, 2014; online

August 12, 2014
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Globalization, Nationalism and the Text of ‘Kichaka-Vadha’


Globalization and ‘Kichaka-Vadha’

Rakesh H. Solomon

Anthem Press, 2014

The first English translation of ‘Kichaka-Vadha’ is presented alongside the most detailed scholarly analysis based on a comprehensive range of archival documents about this anticolonial Marathi classic to date.

In addition to providing the first English translation of the play, this volume is the only edition of the play, in any language, to provide an extensive historical-critical analysis which draws on a comprehensive range of archival documents.  It is also the first study to locate this landmark text within such an expansive theatre-historical and political landscape.  ‘Globalization, Nationalism and the Text of ‘Kichaka-Vadha'” illuminates the complex policies and mechanisms of theatrical censorship in the British Raj, and offers many rare production photographs.

About the Author

Rakesh H. Solomon (Indiana University-Bloomington) has published widely on both American Theatre and South Asian theatre.

June 30, 2014
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AAP 2014 Schedule

July 23 – July 24
Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Hotel


WEDNESDAY, July 23rd

8:00 – 8:15 am Welcome from the President

8:25-9:35 Panel I Literary Gestures: Movement and Intertextuality on Chinese Stages

  • “The Central Asian Slipper: Absorption, Assimilation and the Cinderella Myth in Modern Uyghur Dance”–Ronald Gilliam University of Hawai’i Manoa
  • “Beginning with a Poem: The Power of Brush in the Chinese Revolutionary Dance Drama entitled Butterfly Loves Flowers”–Nan Ma, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • “Embodying Classic Characters: Literary Intertextuality in Chinese Dance Competition Solo Works”–Emily Wilcox, University of Michigan

9:35-9:50 Coffee

9:50-11:00 Panel II Kun Qu, Kyōgen, Nō

  • A Tradition in Modernization; The Contemporary Development of Kunqu”–Ming Yang, University of Hawai’i-Manoa
  • “Muromachi Musicals: Resetting Kyōgen in a Modern Medium”–Gart Westerhout, Kinjo College
  • “Kun qu and Noh: A Comparative Study on the issue of Creative Inheritance and Cross Cultural Spreading of Traditional Asian Theater”–Yumin Ao, Kennesaw State University

11:00-12:10 Balinese Topeng Workshop

  • Margaret Coldiron, University of Essex

12:10-1:30 Lunch

1:30-2:40 Panel III Emerging Scholars

  • Sketches Towards an Indies and Indonesian Xiqu History—Josh Stenberg, Nanjing University
  • “Reconstructing Meaning: Modernizing Peking Opera through Montage”—Sophia Tingting Zhao, Stanford University
  • “Not Feminism: A discourse on the Politics of a term in Modern Indian Theatre”–Katherine Lieder, University of Wisconsin Madison

2:40-3:50 Panel IV Nationalism and Ideologies

  • Teenagers, Technology, Tradition: Managing Identity in Balinese Arja”–Bethany Collier, Bucknell University
  • “(Per)forming the Indian Nation: Between Recouping Tradition and a Coup to Tradition”–Boris Daussà-Pastor, The Graduate Center—CUNY
  • “Modern Bengali Theatre: An Assessment of European Influence”–Saiful Islam, University of Dhaka

3:50-4:05 Coffee

4:05-5:30 Panel V  The Tension Between Art and Politics: Japanese Prolitarian Theatre Artists in the 1920s-1930s

  • “Being ‘International’ Politically an Theatrically: Collaboration of Sono Seki and Senda Koreya”–Yoshiko Fukushima, University of Hawai’i-Hilo
  • “Sasaki Takamaru’s Itagaki Taisuke: Meiji Politics on the Japanese Proletarian Stage” –Aragon Quinn, Stanford University
  • Modernism and Politics in Shingeki: The Case of Hijikata Yoshi from Late 1910s- 1933”–Gouhe Zheng, Ball State University
  • Discussant—M. Cody Poulton, University of Victoria

5:30-6:40 Panel VI Founding Mothers of Asian Theatre Scholarship

  • “Rulan Chao Pian” – Emily Wilcox, University of Michigan
  • “Beate Gordon”– Kathy Foley, University of California Santa Cruz
  • “Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak”– Fan Xing, Bates College
  • “Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei and Karen Brazell”– David Jortner, Baylor University
  • “Kathy Foley”– Margaret Coldiron, University of Essex

6:45 Schmoozefest gathering—The Persian Room, Scottsdale


  • Claudia Orenstein, CUNY _Hunter


8:00-9:15 Board Meeting

9:15-10:25 Panel VII Economics and Chinese Theatre/1930s and Today

  • “Technical Difficulties: Realism vs. Reality in Left-Wing Chinese Theater”–Tarryn Li-Min Chun, Harvard University
  •  “Dramatizing the ‘Left Wing’/Canonizing the ‘Back-Stage:’ Annals of the Theatre 1943 and the politics of Making Drama History in 1930s Shanghai and 1940s Chongqing”—Man He, Williams College

10:25-10:40 Coffee

10:-11:50 Panel VIII Asian-ness and Identity

  • “Monkey King Performances as Alternative Discourse of Asian Americanness”–Sissi Liu, The Graduate Center—CUNY
  • “Dream and Life in Metamorphosis by Beijing Opera”–Iris Hsin-Chun Tuan, National Chiao Tung University